The Reason Why Everyone Love My 6 Am Morning Routine.

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This Year Will Be The Year of My 6 Am Productive And Healthy Morning Routine. I used to be one of those individuals who keep awake until late just to end up randomly surfing the web.

The following day I’d get up late and race to leave on schedule. As a test, I attempted to make and follow a 6 AM morning productive routine for some time to check whether it transforms anything.

For the majority of the individuals, mornings are hurried — there’s such a great amount to be finished with so brief period.

Get up, choose what to have for breakfast, what to wear, pack, and so on. No big surprise such a significant number of individuals fear those.

These choices and exercises develop a great deal of pressure that at last depletes the self-discipline and sets a surged state of mind for the afternoon.

My 6 AM morning productive routine gave me a lot of time and structure. I promptly began to feel increasingly beneficial and less worried about the duration of the day.

My 6 AM morning plan gave me a great deal of time and structure. I expeditiously started to feel progressively advantageous and less stressed for the span of the day.

The Reason Why Everyone Love My 6 Am Morning Routine.

6 Am Morning Routine

Here is my productive morning routine, let’s plan your productive and healthy morning.

1. 6 AM — Wake uptime

I get up 6 am and brush my teeth and wash my face with my Himalaya face wash then apply aloe gel with ice with is useful for skin tightening and makes you more awake.

2. 6:30 AM — Hydrate, Watering to plant and Journal

I drink a glass of water after long night hydration of the body is very important for health, watering plants makes me feel connected to nature and makes me happy.

Journal is now part of my morning routine it helps me to put my thoughts, worries, prayer in one place.

3. 7 AM- Planning and Praying

It’s time to make my To-do list while listing to some spiritual songs for mental and spiritual peace.

I write 3 big and most urgent and 3 small tasks because marking it done gives self-fulfillment and gives the motivation to be productive.

4. 7:30 AM- Mediate and Healthy Breakfast Time

I usually find difficult to find concentrate and meditate but I want to put this habit a part of my daily life that’s why I practice 15 min meditation with some mediation songs.

Then its times to my favorite morning routine i.e. BREAKFAST (Will share my meal planning soon. Check out some easy Recipes

5. 8 AM to 8:30 AM –Eat and Read

While I’m eating my breakfast I usually read my book check Book recommendations blog minimum 20 pages max depending on the flow hehe.

6. 8:30 AM to 9 AM — Meal Preparation

I do my lunch preparation so that I don’t need to worry about my lunchtime and I can work till lunchtime without any distraction.

7. 9 AM –Bath time and get ready for the day :) :)

This is my Productive Morning Routine do let me know in the comment section if anything helpful and resonate.

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