The Habits Of Highly Productive People, According To Science

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How can you achieve greater happiness and success at work? The answer is surprisingly simple: Good habits play a huge role in both.

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True productivity is the ability to create high-impact results in a short amount of time. This is the kind of productivity that matters, not busy work that creates no impact in the long term.

Productivity Hacks:- 10 Daily Smart Productivity Tips and Trick

When it comes down to how to be productive, there is a lot that you can do. But between various workshops, strategies, tips, tactics, books, and other noise, it can be hard to know where to start.

Habits are an important part of building a life you love. Below we’ve collected some of our favorite habits we’ve seen among highly productive people.

Read about these habits and several others here.

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The Habits Of Highly Productive People

1. Focus on the important

Ask yourself

  1. Write down what you are going to do.
  2. Identify the most important tasks, and prioritize them by importance.
  3. Do they bring me closer to my goals?”

The Time Management Matrix is a great tool to classify your tasks. Focus on Quadrant 2 tasks, which are tasks that contribute to your long-term goals such as having good health, building meaningful connections, and seeking your ideal career.

Learning to recognize non-essential tasks is a crucial skill for an effective worker.

If your day contains pointless bits of administration and bureaucracy, weed them out.

2. 80/20 method

By the 80/20 Principle, 20% of tasks create 80% of results in a goal. The other 80% of tasks create only 20% of the results. Being effective is about focusing on the 20% of key tasks to create maximum results.

How To Use The 80/20 Rule To Change Your Life

you further strategize by identifying the methods that help you achieve your goals in the fastest way. This helps you get the most out of your time.

3. Breaks

Productive people know the dangers of eye strain. Make sure you take 5–10 minute breaks for every 60 minutes of work.

Resting your eyes is crucial for productivity — especially if you’re spending 8 hours a day (or more) staring at a screen.

Productivity Book Recommendations

Failing to take breaks can lead to dry eyes, mental fatigue, headaches, and even migraines.

Even the most super-human high performers know when to take a break.

It’s a significant part of their success. Just like your body needs a chance to recover after working out, so does your brain.

4. Cluttered Workspace

A cluttered desk creates a cluttered mind. It’s hard to work productively when you are surrounded by mess. Efficient people work in minimalist environments.

A clean workspace makes you more focused on work and creates a fixed priority of work around you.

The beginning of a huge project always feels like the best time to clean out your desk, organize your photo library or make origami out of post-it notes.

5.Set clearly defined goals

One of the most crucial habits of productive people is goal setting. If you don’t set goals you will fall into the pit of being ‘busy’ for the sake of it, without making meaningful progress.

The Best Productivity Apps For IPhone And Android In 2021- Free To Use!

Keep your eye on the prize — every step you take should build towards these objectives.

You might think you’re getting more done, but jumping between jobs hinders your cognitive processing.

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The most productive people spend several hours on a single task which allows them to get into a deep state of mental concentration, producing the best possible results.

6.Remove distractions

In our deeply networked world today, we face distractions everywhere. It’s easy to visit our social profiles when we lose focus. But each click wastes 10–15 minutes of our time.

Minimize distractions on your screen by closing browser tabs. And above all, put your smartphone out of sight!




My name is Nupur from India, I am a Management Professional and Digital marketer. I write about Lifestyleblog & Wellness, Productivity, Books & Digital Mrkt

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Nupur Samaddar

Nupur Samaddar

My name is Nupur from India, I am a Management Professional and Digital marketer. I write about Lifestyleblog & Wellness, Productivity, Books & Digital Mrkt

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