How to stop procrastination to be productive

It is important to stop procrastination because it does not only effects you financially or professionally but personally too. Most of us procrastinate on one or another time.

To break procrastination, making goals for everything helps a lot. Having goals and breaking them becomes easy if you take the time to push yourself to take action.

Read Till end for the secret tip to stop procrastination and get things done.

1. Resolve small tasks immediately

Some of the small tasks take a lot of energy from your mind if you don’t complete them.

They start building up in your mind and becomes a big obstacle for other important tasks.

It will again divert your mind, waste some and you will put it off for some other time.

The most suitable option is to get rid of it and move on to your most important task.

2. Drop the tasks that are not important

There are so many tasks which are not important and our lives could be fine without them, drop them from your routines.

Checking your emails many times a day. Or something else. You have to figure out yourself. If you don’t need those particular tasks in your life, delete them.

Make your working habits and schedule as clutter-free as possible.

3. Eisenhower Matrix to stop procrastination

Eisenhower matrix is a time management method that divides your tasks into four quadrants. This could also be applied to procrastination habits.

As you know procrastination arises from too many tasks and you feel uninspired to do any.

But when you divide your tasks according to their urgency and importance, you will become more productive.

Now you know where you need to take action immediately. And you can assign time to your tasks.

Secret Tip:

The Fifteen Minute Rule

My simple tip is the Fifteen Minute Rule.

The Fifteen Minute Rule means that you need to set your timer and spend a full Fifteen minutes on whatever task I’ve been procrastinating doing.

I don’t have to finish the task, and I don’t even have to accomplish a specific part of the task.

I just have to work on some aspect of it for Fifteen minutes.

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