A Grateful- Heart Is A Magnet For Miracles

Let’s take a moment to stop and be grateful that we are alive.

Take a moment to enjoy all the miracles that surround you to put you exactly where you are in this world, in this life, in this moment.

We are away from our busy lives, sometimes we forget to stop and be grateful for what we have. It can be easy to let thankfulness slip us by.

We don’t understand the benefits of gratitude or why we should give importance to it.

And ignore the very fact we are living and breathing and functioning is a gift of gratefulness.

Everyone has to go. At any time, our journey may end. And this is why it is so super important to be grateful for what you have, now and in the past, when you have it.

I take the time to reflect and understand.

Fill yourself with thankfulness and guaranteed, you will be acknowledged.

If you have friends always giving you gifts but you never thank them, do you think they will continue to give you gifts? Probably not. Why would they?

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” — Henry Ward Beecher.Same with life. If you aren’t showing gratitude for the things in your life, then nature won’t be grateful to you. You gotta thank.

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Here are 3 simple ways to be more grateful

1. Spend time with people who you feel positive

The people who we spend our time with affect our mood. When you’re around positive people, you feel light-hearten, positive, and optimistic.

2. Dedicate time for mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being present. One way of practicing mindfulness is through meditation.

I love using the app called Calm for practicing mindfulness. Give 10-minute to yourself which can increase your level of gratefulness by reducing stress and increase happiness.

3. Go for a walk

. Going out for a walk improves your mood, lower blood pressure, and other health benefits.

There have been times when I’m in a bad mood and I force myself to go outside and breathe the fresh air because it immediately improves my mood.

5 Benefits Of Being Grateful

1. Grateful For Friends and Family

Be grateful for them. For their support and encouragement. For their behavior and their time.Ups and Downs in life.

2. Be Grateful Towards Your Body

If you express gratitude to your body, you’re gonna be one healthy. We don’t realize just what the hell our body does for us. We must keep it healthy because we are so damn grateful for it.

3. Gratitude Enhances Empathy

We simply become better people when we are grateful. Learn to take apart situations and find the good in them. Even in the situation, there is good.

All things happen for a reason, good and bad, and there’s always something to take away from a situation.

Keep yourself open. Be grateful for the time you have now to focus on other things.

4. Grateful For Your Self Confidence

Be grateful for your accomplishments, big or small. There’s no time to compare.

You will understand every step, little or large, matters, and it’s something to show thankfulness for. You will understand we are all at different stages in our lives.

We tackle things in different orders and complete things at different paces.

5. Gratitude Increase Positive

Let’s face it — it can be hard to be positive all the time. But expressing gratitude really can help remind you of the great things you have.

It’s okay to have negative emotions. It’s okay to feel negative about situations and people.

Show thankfulness the situation has popped up.

Thank it and kick it away.

You will become a better and stronger person if you choose to be grateful.

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My name is Nupur from India, I am a Management Professional and Digital marketer. I write about Lifestyleblog & Wellness, Productivity, Books & Digital Mrkt

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Nupur Samaddar

Nupur Samaddar

My name is Nupur from India, I am a Management Professional and Digital marketer. I write about Lifestyleblog & Wellness, Productivity, Books & Digital Mrkt

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