5 Best Productivity Apps & Tools To Use Daily

For instance, You start your day full of enthusiasm but get distracted and feel procrastinating a lot because you have a bunch of things to get done but don’t know where to start?

In addition, Best Productivity apps & tools come in many different forms and they often take a different approach to improving your workflow.

I have maintained a set of methods to keep me counted and motivated towards being productive.

Keep reading to find productivity apps that boost your productivity and personally tried and using for daily productivity.

Here are some of the best productivity Apps and Tools.

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1. Google Calendar (App and Web)

You look at your calendar every morning, your to-do list etc.all of this information would be in one place, and I think that place should be Google Calendar.

Therefore, use Google Calendar to create and edit events, reminders for events, Event locations can also be added, and other users can be invited to events.

Firstly, Google has added functionality that including “Events from Gmail”, where event information from a user’s Gmail messages are automatically added to Google Calendar;

“Reminders”, to-do activities that can be automatically updated with new information.

Secondly, It has integrated Smart Suggestions where the app recommends titles, contacts, and locations when creating events;

And “Goals”, where users enter information on a specified personal goal, and the app automatically schedules the activity at optimal times.

Moreover, You can enable or disable the visibility of special calendars, including Birthdays, Holidays, a country-specific calendar that displays dates of special occasions.

2. Any.do (App and Web)

Any.do is my favorite of all productivity apps for the more obvious reason I’m just obsessed with planning everything from meeting to shopping.

I believe how we manage over time makes us productive and this is the best app/tool to use.

Any.do has a super feature where you can create, edit, delete tasks and lists

Sub-tasks, notes, file attachments, sync all your devices, and color coordinate them

Share lists, assign tasks, and add sending comments via Chat, Reminders — one time, recurring and location-based reminders

Focus more / Time tracker

Grocery list / Shopping list feature that

Voice input, including integration with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo.

The amazing right works like magic to me. Wherever I’m it keeps me counted and notified towards my work.

Any.do is my assistant :)

3. Trello (App And Web)

Trello makes me feel I’m writing on paper/whiteboard where I can add my tasks, checklists, and sticky notes.

This helps people who love to maintain a place where they can see the work progress and keep count on that.

You can create their task boards with different columns and move the tasks between them.

Columns include task statuses such as To Do, In Progress, Done.

However, in starting you may feel a bit complicated but for sure in long planning, you will feel worth of Trello.

Therefore, start to use free templates for blogging workflows, productivity workflows, project management, marketing, HR operations, Design, and so much more.

Here, you can

Create multiple boards with labels and color and description for each card

Add multiple attachments to each card

You can sync with google drive

You can add and share with people to stay productive in a team

Even you can check the automatic workflow with timelines and more

Trello Upgrade versions have more advance and creative feature which you can check.

4.Forest (App)

Forest, you can plant and grow a plant to tree Confused right?

This productivity app makes staying focused like a game. You get a tree and your goal is to grow it into a forest.

It has one timer I,e.for 30 minutes which you can’t pause, and if you leave and distracted the plant will die.

I feel this gives a sense of responsibility that we should not harm the plant. This is the most simple and highly motivating factor.

To sum up, the forest can be used for many purposes like taking a break from social media mainly, As a Digital Marketing expert I’m mostly on social media or something related to the Mobile.

Forest will be going to help you distract from distraction and motivate towards no procrastination.

It has two modes:

Blacklist — where you blacklist sites you don’t want to enter

Whitelist — where you whitelist sites you can’t leave.

When you start the Forest timer, your tree starts growing. Depending on your mode, every time you visit a blacklisted site or leave your whitelisted site, your tree dies. Your purpose is to grow your tree without destroying it.

5. Evernote (App And Web)

Evernote is a notebook where you can create multiple notebooks.

Above all, I use this more often than the other 4 productivity apps and love this app because feel like my notebook is always with me.

That is to say, lots of things in my head at once about Ideas for blogging, ideas for social media and shopping, wishlists, short term goals and helps organize the clutter in your brain.

similarly, I use this as my manifestation and gratitude journal. It keeps reminding me about things I’m grateful for and why should be grateful for that.

5 Ways To Be Productive And Succeed More

In conclusion, these are the apps/tools I use in my daily routine and keep myself productive. Let me know in the comment which one you liked that most and have you tried any one of them?




My name is Nupur from India, I am a Management Professional and Digital marketer. I write about Lifestyleblog & Wellness, Productivity, Books & Digital Mrkt

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Nupur Samaddar

Nupur Samaddar

My name is Nupur from India, I am a Management Professional and Digital marketer. I write about Lifestyleblog & Wellness, Productivity, Books & Digital Mrkt

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